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Web Tech Generates Money-Making Stores For You With The Push Of A Button: Coursely Instantly Gives You Your Own Online Business With 1-Click

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Coursely is our flagship software that lets YOUR users create money-making stores with 1-click, where they can automatically SELL readymade products. We provide the products, we take care of delivery and support. This is a 1-click money-making business-in-a-box.

Plus it takes them 1-click to add any other product, which means they'll jump at the opportunity to instantly monetize all those reseller rights and whitelabel rights bonuses that they have been piling up for the past couple years.

Finally, Coursely takes care of TRAFFIC (SEO optimized, social media viral traffic module built-in) and LIST BUILDING too.

  • 1-click software automatically generates money-making stores
  • Sell built-in products (courses, software, info products)
  • Add other software apps (i.e. the ones you have with resellers rights) with the push of a button
  • We manage delivery & support!

Your Own Digital Store Done In Minutes

Click to see a live example store


Coursely Launches In:


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There’s no better way to passive online profits than by selling
your own products to clients.

What if you could get your very own store FULL of high
quality products you can sell, plus traffic and
massive email leads with the push of a button


… without ever having to create a single product, site or sales page yourself?

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The newly released Coursely software
allows you to create multiple high-ranking stores
with high converting products ready to sell, all built in.

You only need to add your Paypal account and you can start collecting passive sales.
It even does support & delivery for you.

You see – selling your own product is the fastest way to
Internet Riches and truly passive income.

With Coursely, with just 1 click you get a fully-fledged store that will:

[+] Give you your own readymade products to sell
[+] Market these products for you
[+] Handle support and delivery
[+] Get you SEO optimized rankings
[+] Build your list
[+] Drive viral free traffic
[+] All mobile responsive, fully automated

These have been proven to work incredibly well at
dominating social media, Google rankings and
bringing in heaps of revenue and traffic.

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There’s a brand new software coming out TODAY
that lets ANYONE, yes even complete newbies tap
into online marketing all on autopilot to…

– Create a stunning store
– Automatically add ready-to-sell products to it
– Get visitors to your store
– Generate sales while handling delivery & support for you
— Even build your list FOR YOU

And all in under 60 seconds, using a brand new
proprietary technology that does it all for you.


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The app works in 3 simple steps:

#1 it creates a stunning store for you (insane high quality
design and functionality)

#2 it adds readymade products that you can sell (they come with the app)

#3 it gets you viral traffic using a sneaky strategy, then builds
your list and makes you sales on autopilot, all while handling everything for you

The results are SHOCKING:

– instant traffic boosts from 50 to 750 visitors a day

– literally thousands of dollars in truly passive sales

– amazing websites and stores created with 1 click


==> Watch Coursely in action here

YES – it’s THAT easy to create a powerful stream
of truly passive, truly done-for-you online income.

And remember: these stores are SEO optimized and
they create what experts call “social signals” – those
are incredibly powerful types of backlinks that rank
your site to the top of Google…


… Giving YOU even MORE traffic at no cost!


Finally you can reach Internet Success in 3 simple
steps by simply getting a copy of Coursely today.


Without having to create your own products

Without losing money on website design, sales pages and even hosting

Without having to do any of the work yourself.


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It’s that simple.

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Subject: [Discount Expiring] 1-Click Cash-Generating Stores Selling Products


Look – if you haven’t checked out Coursely yet –you need to!

It provides a SIMPLE way for ANYONE
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all with one click!


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Coursely enables even COMPLETE NEWBIES
to generate sales-pulling stores with the push of a button,
where you can sell readymade PRODUCTS (courses, software, etc)

Even better – Coursely automates for you:

– getting free viral traffic

– building your list

– generating sales & commissions


All in under 60 seconds:


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Simple Yet High-Converting Sales Funnel



Coursely truly covers ALL major niches and will convert for all types of lists.

You see - first of all it gives you an instant 1-click full store that comes with a simple, stunning editor.

Secondly, it populates this site with tons of high quality products that your users can sell.

We take care of support, delivery and payment processing which means all they have to do is set it up and collect payments.

Finally - it MARKETS FOR YOU by ranking high in Google and then driving red-hot profitable viral traffic from all social media platforms.

All in one app so simple to use - even a newbie can master.

Get ready for MONSTER EPCs & stunning conversions: This one's a BIG one!

Check out our sales page preview here

OTO #1

Coursely PRO

Tons of extra products they can sell, developers rights and DFY legal pages. Priced at $47

OTO #2

Coursely Membership

Full membership with monthly products they can sell + training on how to get results fast. Priced at $67/year


Check out the reason why you should promote us!

Guaranteed Converter

As you can see, we have a ton of angles here, software, traffic, social, SEO, Video marketing, general make money online, making Coursely a fantastic product to promote for guaranteed high conversions.

Expect $10+ EPCs and monster conversions !

Proven Top Notch Funnel To Maximize your profits

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We Reciprocate Hard!

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Incredibly Newbie Friendly

The ease of use for Coursely is stunning allowing users to create a full high-converting site that gets you traffic and makes you sales with just 1 click!

We go above and beyond for your customers

Once someone enters our funnel we make sure they get the BEST of the BEST support to make sure they’re 100% happy with their purchase

Complete Training

From installing the app to maximizing its potential, we've got your customers covered!


You Bet We Do!


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