70+ Premium DFY Products And Developers License!

Coursely PRO

With Coursely Pro, You Get:

70+ Done-For-You Premium Products- $197 Value

You now have over 70+ high converting products across all niches. That's right - Coursely PRO gives you 70+ instead of just the regular 20 you get with the front end.

So now you can sell more, target multiple niches at once and keep recurring customers coming back again and again. Better yet, you can even schedule products so your stores are fresh, always up-to-date, and get easy rankings and viral traffic due to the "NEW" factor that you're able to inject with new products every week - all with the push of a button!

While the regular version of Coursely has mostly online courses, with the PRO version you get a fully fledged software business: cloud apps, WP plugins, desktop software - the whole enchilada! That means you are able to effectively start making money like the so-called "gurus" by selling your own JVzoo-level quality software solutions!

Best part: they're all integrated into Coursely PRO - so you're making money on complete autopilot from day 1!

You now have the ability to sell subscriptions to your audience.

For example you can have them pay say $50/mo. and get 2 or 3 of the readymade products each month.

What this means for you is that you build a steady stream of passive profits that come in every month like clockwork without you having to lift a finger - and Coursely PRO does all the work for you too.


Legal Compliance Pages - $297 Value

With Coursely PRO you’re also fully legal compliant. What this means is that Coursely PRO automatically creates compliance pages like privacy policy, terms of service and so on, so you don’t run into any legal trouble.

PLUS we're also GDPR friendly - so you're never in trouble of getting fined those pesky 20M euros! fees and can safely sell to European customers!


Developers License & Unlimited Sites- $297 Value

You’re getting developers license to Coursely meaning you can use this for your clients’ AND charge them a hefty fee at the same time – literally allowing you to create a profitable side-business where you just click a couple of buttons. And now - you're no longer limited to just 10 stores: you can build unlimited ones!

You can even sell these online stores on Flippa for up to $2,000!



  • Sell Online Stores You Build In 2 Minutes For $2,000
  • Charge your clients hefty fees

Unparalleled Price

Let's do a quick recap here. You're getting $1,379 worth of value with your investment today, for over 10 times less. I hope you agree these extra features really complement the product and take it to another level. This is a one-time opportunity. Don't let it slip past and jump on board!

What is INCLUDED in your purchase today...

Sell DFY software apps

70+ Premium Products

Developers License

Unlimited Stores, Unlimited products

Sell Subscriptions

GDPR friendly

Stats & Compliance Pages