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What You're Going To Get

You get 1-on-1 coaching with me where I will help you launch your own product and profit immensely from the launch. We work together until you've had your successful launch DONE and you are HAPPY with the results. That means there's no time limit to our coaching. We work until you succeed! You won't be able NOT to make money after I'm done with you! PLUS you get all these awesome bonuses  that are each worth the price of admission!

  • Six 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

    We’ll meet one-on-one to go over every aspect of your business. You’ll have assignments for each week and we’ll keep track of your progress AND keep YOU and the RIGHT path to SUCCESS

  • Weekly Goals and Tasks

    I will send you specific tasks to perform in order to become successful and make money. By following my advice every week you will reduce your chances of failure to an absolute 0%.

  • Six-Figure Training

    You’ll learn EVERYTHING I do in my business and the exact same fool-proof system I use so you can get started crushing it online!

  • My Help At Each Step

    You’re not alone in this journey. I’ve helped dozens of students succeed online and I’m ready to do the same for you! So any time you’ve got a question or you’re not sure about the next thing to do, I’m here to guide you!

  • Support & Motivation

    You feel you need that extra kick in the butt to take massive action? Then I’ll make sure you get your business where you want it to be!

  • Unparalleled Price

    The cost of your investment today in my Inner Circle is extremely low. I won’t charge you thousands of dollars upfront and then teach you outdated crap that never works.

    For just $4,997 (Now Only $497) you get coaching with me, one-on-one. I am 100% certain you will make your money back many times over!

Here's just a TASTE of what's inside

  • My Personal "LAUNCH" blueprint

    From finding a winning idea, to creating the perfect product, to generating INSANE levels of income, it’s all held within my personal launch blueprint which I use in every one of my launches to guarantee massive success.

    NOW – you get access to it as well so you can model me. I generate six figures with each of my launches, and now you can too!

  • 1k/Day Formula

    If you ever wanted true financial freedom – I mean working 1-2 hours a week from your home, then this is it. While the formula does require upfront taking action, once the system is set up, it’s a true 1k/day money maker with zero effort.


  • Launch Without EVER Creating Your Own Product

    That’s right – with my help – and connections, you’ll be able to find developers ready to give you THEIR products for free to launch.

  • 140k Case Study

    Peek into a 140k launch so you can replicate my systems and turn your very own launches into profit-pulling machines.

Your Awesome Bonuses

  • Your Own Proven Software

    You get access to your very own software, fully rebranded to market YOU. You select this from a suite of my software tools, which are all proven to convert and sell.
    You’ll be able to offer just what the market wants.

  • Personal Email Promotion From Me

    I have a list of over 18,000 customers, all interested in buying your product. In fact, every time I promote something, I usually generate at least $5,000 in sales. So, you’ll make your money back JUST from this promo.


  • VIP affiliate connections + JV Promotion

    I will connect you to my top affiliates to ensure your launch will be a success. PLUS, I will promote your launch to my JV list of over 600 affiliates. This exposure ALONE will make your launch a hit and you’ll be generating tens of thousands in no time.


  • Sales Page Review

    Inside the Inner Circle there’s training to turn you into a copywriting machine able to get crazy conversion rates for yourself and your affiliates.

    BUT – with your investment today you also get me to personally review your sales copy and make sure it’s good – plus make any changes I feel are needed to raise your conversions through the roof!

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Radu Hahaianu