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Unlimited Everything - $297 Value

With LeadX PRO - we're hosting everything for you with no restrictions! That means you get to create unlimited affiliate links and put them on top of unlimited sites that you can hijack - and we host it all for you!

With the regular LEADX, you're limited to 100 links across 10 hijacked sites under our hosting - but the PRO completely removes any limitations so you don't need your own website or even hosting - we do it all for you, unlimited forever.

Auto-Sharing to 200+ Sites for Instant Traffic  - $397 VALUE

You get the ability to automatically share your LeadX ads and affiliate campaigns to over 200+ social media sites with the push of a button. So not just Facebook or Youtube, but literally over 200 social media sites where you can instantly publish your link and start getting targeted free traffic from

This is immensely powerful: you can have full campaigns created, shared and bringing you traffic all within 60 seconds and just a few clicks, turning LEADX into a true all-in-one solution

Mobile-Optimized Designs - $297 Value

This is HUGE: we’re taking all of LEADX campaigns & designs and we’re making them MOBILE OPTIMIZED from scratch!

That's right - you’re now able to build entire affiliate campaings that are 100% mobile optimized so they’re a breeze to use, and work perfectly on both iOS and Android, on tablets and on smartphones.

Mobile traffic is now over 40% of all Internet Traffic, and with the PRO version you’re able to  tap into all of that


Developers License + Custom Branding - $197 Value

First of all, LEADX comes with developers rights that let you create & sell campaigns to clients or approach local businesses to improve their marketing for a monthly fee.

Next, you also get outsourcers license so you can share your LEADX account with your VA - to 100% automate your business.

Finally, each LEADX campaign comes with a small "powered by LeadX" watermark at the bottom of the ad. With PRO you can now either remove it, replace it with your own OR - and this is HUGE - you can insert your AFFILIATE LINK to LEADX and have anyone clicking on the link earn YOU a commission organically for LEADX itself!

Talk about another revenue stream!

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Auto-Sharing to 200+ sites

Unlimited hosting for unlimited links and sites

"Powered by LeadX" own branding/affiliate link

Developers & outsourcers rights

Mobile-optimized designs


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