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YouZon is our flagship software that lets YOUR users create money-making review videos for ANY product on Amazon with 1-click, then upload them to Youtube where they can get traffic and make affiliate sales.

This is a true all-in-one business solution that hits all the major niches to make it a GUARANTEED hit with your list: video marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, Youtube, local, ecom, etc.


  • 1-click software automatically generates money-making review videos
  • Create a video for ANY product on Amazon with the push of a button
  • Upload the videos to Youtube together with your affiliate link
  • PROFIT without lifting a finger!

Unique Cloud Based Software

Curate High Converting Products On Amazon

Create a Fully Fledged Review Video With 1-Click

Upload To Youtube Instantly & Enjoy Traffic And Commissions


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YouZon is a new groundbreaking software that allows anyone – yes even complete newbies –
to create high converting money making videos within just seconds.

YouZon works in just 3 steps:


Step 1 – enter keyword and let YouZon find the hottest and newest products on Amazon…

Step 2 – click on product you want to promote, then let YouZon create an SEO optimized video for it and upload it to Youtube

Step 3 – finally enjoy #1 rankings, passive traffic and easy commissions without having to lift a finger!


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So finally you can make commissions within just minutes and with only a few clicks, by tapping into the full power of the biggest markets and niches on Earth:

– You’re using the full force of Amazon – the world’s largest ecommerce platform
– You’re tapping into the power of video marketing – the world’s best way to sell
– You’re getting #1 SEO rankings in Google and Youtube – the world’s best way of getting traffic

And it all happens instantaneously with the push of a button… it’s THAT easy.


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YouZon is a brand new software that allows anyone – yes
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You see, all you have to do to get #1 rankings, massive traffic
and passive commissions can be found inside YouZon

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The app works in 3 simple steps:

#1 Finds you red-hot products on Amazon you can earn commissions for
#2 Creates an SEO optimized video for that product with 1 click and uploads it
to Youtube for you together with your affiliate link
#3 Gets your video ranked in Google and Youtube for guaranteed traffic and passive
Amazon affiliate commissions

What more can you ask for?

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No video creation or technical skills are required – given how affordable
the early bird pricing is, you could easily make back your investment today
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YouZon changes everything you thought you knew
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Simple Yet High-Converting Sales Funnel


YouZon truly covers ALL major niches and will convert for all types of lists.

You see - first of all it finds you high converting affiliate products on Amazon.

Then, it gives you an instant 1-click review video for this product, with ZERO work.

Finally - it MARKETS FOR YOU by optimizing it & uploading it to Youtube to get easy rankings and massive traffic.

All in one app so simple to use - even a newbie can master.

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