Lead Shocker Review and Bonuses

Hey there & welcome to my brand new review site. Since this is the first product I’m reviewing in the new format, I’d like to take a few seconds to explain what this is and how it will benefit you moving forward.

Let’s agree on one thing: there is an absurdly high amount of information getting shared around online.

In fact I can bet you’re on at least 15-25 lists of different marketers. I know I’m on a LOT of lists, following people in all areas of Internet Marketing, just like you do too.

So naturally, every day you’re getting bombarded by everyone about the newest shiny product.

And every day, that product is the “must have” one.

So you’re probably confused by all the hype, looking for clarity and only the absolute best products in the business.

Even more importantly, you’re looking for HOW & WHY these products will help YOU.

That’s the aim of this brand new site.

See, my focus moving on will be on YOU. And that means:

  • doing honest, down-to-earth reviews of the absolute best products around. And that means that you’ll only see high quality products here from now on, products that I have personally tested before and would personally use in my own business
  • cutting down all the HYPE and delivering the exact benefits you’re getting, as well as the downsides of each product, so you can make an educated decision
  • always negotiating steep discounts with vendors and getting you the lowest possible prices
  • always having the absolute best bonuses in the industry


So without futher ado… Today’s product is Lead Shocker.

So what is Lead Shocker? It’s a simple software solution that allows you to offer “live chat” to your visitor and customers, without ever doing any of the actual “chatting”.

Instead, it’s based on smart algorithms that do the talking for you.

When you opened the page here today, you should have been greeted by a message from me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.38.35 PM


Now it seems like I’ve written this and personally greeted you, when instead, nothing could have been further from the truth!
In reality, I’ve set the entire conversation up inside the cloud platform.

Here, take a look:


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.37.37 PM



So there are 2 possible answers to my original question above: YES or NO.
So all I had to do is setup two different variations and I got my entire conversation figured out to impress my visitors.


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.38.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.39.15 PM












I have to say after getting early access and testing that it’s the smartest chat software I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like artificial intelligence.

And you can go as deep and complex as you’d like to setup full chat campaigns.
It’s also impressively easy to use, which is usually NOT true when it comes to IM products.


How will this help you?


Now besides benefit #1 which is engaging your customers and offering them live 1-on-1 support with minimal costs, you’re also able to generate huge leads on auto-pilot for you or your offline customers.


How you may ask?
Well all the answers your visitors provide are stored and easy to download straight from Lead Shocker.

AND they also provide templates you can use straight away – just look here at this conversation:


Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.49.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.49.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.49.29 PM


Can you see what happened at the end? I was asked to leave my email for a follow up – and that’s the moment when my email got captured and is now on the system.

So there you go – automated lead generation.


This is so good, I’ll use it in my own business.


Any disadvantages? I had to think hard to come up with one, but I’ll say that you need to be a bit careful when setting up conversations so you can anticipate the type of replies your customers will have. BUT the fact that they provide tens of templates makes up for this, plus the software is super smart and always adapting in talking to your visitors.


Any discounts?

You bet! Just use coupon code shocker11 when checking out and you’ll get $3 off the $27 license.


Any bonuses?

I thought you wouldn’t ask! You can see my entire bonus package, including an exclusive bonus I negotiated with Todd by clicking the button below.

See my bonuses here



I've put together an amazing package besides the bonuses above:

  • 1 hour list-building training showing you how to go from zero to 20,000 subscribers with minimal costs and effort - VALUE: $497
  • The exact emails & templates I use to promote affiliate products, build relationship with my lists and make them buy (which you can copy/paste and use straight away) VALUE: $997

What's the verdict?


The verdict is: APPROVED - I'll say go get this now while it's so low and start taking your lead generation to the next level. It's that easy to do with Lead Shocker.

Click the button below to get started.

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