P1 Traffic Machine

Note: The product has already launched, so be sure to check my bonuses on this page and click on the link towards the bottom.

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My Awesome Bonus Package Worth $ 1,079



#1 Minisite Design Graphics – $197 value

Build your premium website using our exclusive graphics – so it looks as professional as possible to Google, your visitors AND potential buyers if you decide to flip it. You absolutely need this fi you are serious about your business and cutting no corners.



#2 Easy Keyword Pro 97 value

Proper keyword research is CRUCIAL if you truly want to enjoy passive earnings. Use this premium software to generate massive lists of profitable keywords.


#3 FB Viral $47 value

We’ve all heard the buzz about FB ads. BUT, what if you were able to build a massive audience around your website or blog that you can tap into at all times, driving massive free traffic to your website? That’s where FB Viral comes into play. You’ll learn exactly how to generate “likes” and build your social media brand, great for traffic & rankings.


#4 Essential Guide To Affiliate Profits – $47 Value

You can have all the traffic and rankings you want, as long as you don’t properly monetize your websites, you’ll never make enough to be happy with. Learn in this guide how to maximize affiliate earnings from the likes of Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank



#5 Outsourcing Cheat Sheet – Worth $47

Here’s the deal: You can’t do it all yourself. Sure, when you first start out you want to keep costs down and play it safe, but once you’ll start expanding FAST, you’ll need this guide to keep you in the game and help you grow to unheard of levels.


#6 Essential Guide To Blog Flipping  – Worth $147

Once you build such amazing websites using P1 Traffic Machine, you’ll want to start selling them. People really value authority websites a lot, and having a proper SILO structure can help you tremendously in flipping the website for huge profits. In fact, you don’t even need to be making any money to sell it on Flippa for over $500. You need this guide to show you how.

#7 1-on-1 Coaching With Me $497


Yeah you’ve heard me right!! I believe in this product so much, I’ll spend 1 hour personally working with each and every one of those who invest in P1 Traffic Machine. I’ll walk you through all the methods you need to make at least $5,000/month and help you grow and jumpstart your business.

This alone is worth 10 times the price of the product itself.


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