Beat The Hackers

We all know the security of our websites is important. We know that every single day thousands of websites are hacked, and that no one is safe. Yet, we almost never take those extra steps to protect ourselves. We think: “This can’t happen to me. I can’t get hacked”.


I used to think that too. A few years ago I was making over $2,000/mo. on autopilot from my websites when they all got hacked. I got that income stream completely removed. Sure, I was able to get it back in a few months, but only after spending a lot of money & time getting my content & rankings where they were before the hack. Looking back, I would have spent hundreds to properly protect my website just to be sure getting it hacked would be out of the question.

Lucky for you, you don’t need to pay hundreds. In fact, you don’t need to pay anything.

An entire guide (it’s not too long, don’t worry!) about how you can protect and secure your website easy and fast, it’s available to download for FREE (no opt-in, no nothing) at the link below.
So take advantage of this awesome offer and get your websites safe!


Protect-Your-Wordpress-Websites-and-Beat-the-Hackers-250Download The Free Guide and Protect Your Websites










P.S. If you haven’t watched the awesome training video, do that right now:
It’s really short and it WILL save you a TON of time & headaches with your website security.



P.P.S. On August 5th I will be releasing the ultimate security & backup plugin


You’ll hear more from me in the coming weeks, but what you need to know right now about Seamless Secure is:

– This plugin is unlike anything on the market right now

– It will secure your site & block hackers from getting in in 2 minutes flat

– You only need to set it up ONCE (just 2 minutes work) and you’ll be protected forever

– I will release more details on its features & why you need to get it in the coming days

– You will benefit from a fantastic discount when we first release it
While similar software can cost up to $297, Seamless Secure will be a tiny faction of that and it will do 3 times

more things with twice less headaches (ZERO headaches really).


So right now, go download the “Beat the hackers” free guide and mark down August 5th in your calendars.


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